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Stackable Chairs

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This chair is ideal for every growing child. It helps in maintaining a proper posture while studying and writing. Children love sitting down and relaxing in our Stackable Chairs. Our stackable Chair is crafted form solid wood to endure rigorous use through childhood.  
Rs. 2,150.00
Tuck away your toys and use it as a bench. Designed not to pinch little hands when it closes, this toy box safely keeps playthings tucked away. With clean lines and colorful panels, it is a must have for every child’s room.  
Rs. 7,800.00


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It’s a compact design and you can store a ton of clothes or books in this unit. This flexible, versatile wardrobe-armoire features multiple storage spaces to meet your every need. It has framed doors and drawers with streamlined edges, for a transitional style that will blend in with your room. It features two shelves that can be adjusted for height.  
Rs. 17,800.00

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